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Unlock the power of the Spaced Repetition technique to learn faster, smarter, and more effectively. Master any subject with ease and boost your long-term memory retention.

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Our mission

Learn cycle helps you achieve excellence learning new things which you are curious, and do not want to forget.

how it works

The “Cycle” in this case mind for content of information which you save on the platform and that will be reminded to you on space repetitions by 24h ,one week, one monthsix month. And you can use that information any time you want.

Save time

Using this tool will help you to save time during the learn and use that information when you want.


The repetitions for each cycle will help you enough to save the information on the long term.

Just in time

You can use and access the cycle informations when you want and on all devices like "Just in time" .

Share your work

You can make a cycle public (like an article) accessible for all the world.

Make cycles from other works

You can study another cycle which another user have created studied and learned.

Find the answers you need right here

Everyone has found themselves where the things they learn are forgotten after a period of time and has that sensation that I have in mind but I do not know how to express it because I do not understand. Learn Cycle was created from this to help every person to learn quickly and the most important thing, remember it. We think that more such tools should be created to help us in the learning process and we hope to be able to help in that.

  • We chose the excellence.
  • We chose to help everyone.
  • We chose to learn.
  • We are curios.
  • We take risks.
  • We are student for life

We want to help everyone to achieve the excellence.

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Our plans

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