How to learn new things with Learn Cycle?

Every time we read something new, maybe a book or a post, after a couple of hours or days we forget it and some times we do not remember nothing of it.

How many times you are in positions to say “i know it but i can’t recall” ? Yeah you know what i’m saying.

I want to make you a question: How many time when you read something, you try to recall it with you mind ?

The most of time “i mean all the time” we just read and go on page after page, chapter after chapter to the end.

We are in hurry to finish and count them and not to remember it .

But the important thing is to remember right ? We want to push that information at the bottom of our mind!

I want to show you the concept: Space Repetitions which the Learn Cycle is based on that.

“Spaced repetition is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent reviews of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. It mean we have to repeat increasing intervals not equal intervals to take advantage of the spacing effect.”

Yeah you got this, I have copied that in another source. But the important thing is to understand it.

We need to recall the information at certain time intervals.

The first introduction on space repetition was laid by Herman Ebbinghaus who suggested that information loss over time follows a forgetting curve.

That forgetting could be reset with repetitions basing on active recall.

Learn Cycle is based on these space repetitions:

  • 24 Hours: First review/recall
  • One week: Second review/recall
  • One month: Third review/recall
  • Six months: Fourth review/recall

The main recall should be after 10 minutes when you read. And after that you should continue to use the Learn Cycle app.

It depends by information and is by your time and your effort but we suggest to invest minimum at 5-10 minutes for each recall.

But how to use app Learn Cycle ?

If you don’t have an account yet please go to SignUp to create one.

Each content or card created on the app represent a “Cycle” that is a full recall for all repetitions 24H, One week,One month,Six month.

After the full recall for all repetitions is completed you can still insert that card in new cycle or it can be accessed at any time like a “Just in time learn“.

Just in time theory consist in accessing and learn a a new information when it is needed”

I show you on steps/photos how to create a cycle.

After click the button Write + the form should be completed for example i want to create a cycle for “What is “Space Repetitions” ? ” i tag it and write something which can help me on the next recall.

After the content is good for us we can just *Draft* , *Save* and access it later or click the button *Make a cycle* that will insert our content to the cycle repetitions.

Keep in mind when the cycle is ready you find that on both section My Cycles and All.

In My Cycles section you find all cards which are ready to be recalled and they have a red flag cycle and Repeat It label like in this picture:

You can now recall for example the second card *Authoritative guide to CORS* open it.

When you see a label/button “Repeat It” that mind the card is ready to be recalled. After you have made the recall click on the button to push it in the next cycle again.

Thank You and don’t forget: Keep learning